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Wrestling Reality with Justin LaBar


On this Podcast-Recap of RAW-Will WWE buy TNA? WWE ratings up against the Presidential Election, the Cruiserweight Division.

Recap of Smackdown, what is going on with John Cena? WWE TV ratings are struggling. WWE Blogger Diva joins the show plus an interview with Wrestling Legend Jake the Snake Roberts.

On this Wrestling Reality Podcast-Recap of RAW, debut of Crusierweight division. Too much Mick Foley, Jericho is on fire. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Pat Patterson. Plus Goldberg will have another match in the WWE.

On this Wrestling Reality Podcast-Recap of Smackdown, the WWE Blogger Diva joins the show and a special personal conversation with the man who influenced Justin and his interest in pro wrestling. Dean Ambrose loses to AJ Styles, cheers for John Cena. Vince McMahon injury and Cruiserweight Classic.

CM Punk and his UFC clobbering, recap of RAW, great work by Jericho, UFC expert on CM Punk, Roman Reigns, Divas and Bo Dallas.


On this Wrestling Reality Podcast-Recap of Smackdown, Preview of Backlash, talking about Scott Hall relapse and CM Punk in UFC plus WWE Blogger Diva joins the show.

Recap of RAW, Mick Foley, Rollins, Stephanie McMahon, wrestling fans too sensitive, Jericho, Roman Reigns. Plus suspended stars looking to get out of contract? Goldberg returning to WWE to take on Lesnar?


Daniel Bryan vs. the Miz leading to one final WWE match for Bryan? Top 5 Iconic Wrestlers of All-Time? Best Match off All-Time? Best show and indie show of all time?


In this Wrestling Reality Podcast- Kevin Owens win, Fans thinking Kevin Owens didn’t know and remembering Mr. Fuji plus Big Cass really showed up on RAW.

Daniel Bryan vs. the Miz-real beef on Smack Talk on WWE Network. The WWE Blogger Diva joins the show, calls from the listeners. Ambrose vs Styles and reaction to NXT Takeover.

On this Wrestling Reality Podcast-The WWE needs to ban the Seth Rollins Powerbomb, the move has caused too many injuries. Review of RAW and Summerslam. Eva Marie suspension details.


Recap of RAW, Demon King, count down to SummerSlam, Goldberg and phones calls from the wrestling fans.


Alexis Monroe scares and surprises Justin LaBar live during the show.


Recap of Smackdown Live, not building up the right way to an exciting title match at SummerSlam. The Rock vs. Vin Diesel. Eva Marie Wardrobe Malfunction. Hogan-Andre the Giant.

Conor McGregor talks trash on the WWE, Dean Ambrose and a bizarre Stone Cold Steve Austin Podcast, a new WWE Scooby Doo Movie, WWE RAW Recap, Roman Reigns.


Recap of another solid WWE Smackdown plus the WWE Blogger Diva joins the show for the first time. And a recap of a special anniversary, updates on some former WWE Superstars.