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  • Our Weekly Fantasy Football podcast with Jeff Erickson 12-14-2017

    Fulfill your fantasy at Blush! Here\’s our weekly fantasy football chant with Jeff Erickson of

  • Blush Happy Hour post for Thursday 12/14 12-14-2017

    Mike Tomlin often leaves himself open for criticism despite an excellent record. But this week some over-analysis of his shortcomings has gone too far.

  • Blush Happy Hour Post for Wed December 13th 12-13-2017

    Is \’Dad\’ coming home?? Thoughts on a potential return of Matt Cullen. Why it makes sense. And why it\’s alarming that it does.

  • Blush Happy Hour post for Tuesday December 12th 12-12-2017

    How is the \’safety happy\’ NFL getting away with no suspensions after that Jaguar/Seahawk fiasco?

  • Blush Happy Hr Post for Monday 12/11 12-11-2017

    Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown were the offensive stars vs Baltimore. But they weren\’t alone.

  • Madden Monday for December 11th 12-11-2017

    Mark Madden of 105.9 the X joins Tim Benz to talk about the Steelers win over Baltimore, Pittsburgh\’s chances against New England, Pirates management, and the current state of the Penguins and Golden Knights.

  • Mic Drop: Episode 13 with Lindsey Ok 12-08-2017

    After one of the most gruesome games in recent memory against the Bengals, the Steelers move to play another division rival.

    It’s Ravens week for Pittsburgh. To discuss everything that was from the controversial game in Cincinnati and what will be for Baltimore, Mike Asti welcomes USA Today Ravens Wire writer Lindsey Ok on this edition of “Mic Drop” radio GOLD.

    Follow Lindsey and her tweets filled with Ravens love and Matt Ryan hate @LindseyyOk

  • Blush Happy Hour Post for Friday December 8th 12-08-2017

    Sure, be mad about the Iloka vs Smith-Schuister punishments. But the anger over Rob Gronkowski\’s suspension is misplaced.

  • Thursday Blush Happy Hour Post for December 15th 12-07-2017

    Mike Mitchell sent the right message. Many are killing it just because they deem him to be the wrong messenger.

  • Fulfill You Fantasy at Blush! 12-07-2017

    We talk Fantasy Football for playoff week #1 with Jeff Erickson of

  • Blush Happy Hour Post for Wednesday 12/6 12-06-2017

    The Steelers are stretched thin at inside linebacker. So, if he can, it\’s time to dress James Harrison outside. That will help.

  • Blush Happy Hour post for Tuesday 12/5 12-05-2017

    The annual demise of the Bengals vs the Steelers in their own stadium is amazing to watch.

  • Blush Happy Hour for Monday December 4th 12-04-2017

    Vontaze Burfict is an idiot. This isn\’t new news. Just new reasons to believe that.

  • Madden Monday for December 4th 12-04-2017

    Mark Madden joins me to discuss Antonio Brown\’s injury, Steelers receiving depth, the college football playoff, Tristan Jarry\’s emergence, and Pirates trade options before the season starts.

  • Mic Drop: Episode 12 with Dorin Dickerson 12-01-2017

    On the ten year anniversary of 13-9, Mike Asti, a WVU alum, welcomes former Pitt All-American and NFL veteran Dorin Dickerson to the latest radio GOLD edition of “Mic Drop” on TribLIVE Radio. In very fitting fashion, Mike and Dorin discuss college football and the possible scenarios of how the playoff may play out.

    One thing these two agree on is they are glad they aren’t involved in the Tennessee football program right now. Mike always appreciates asinine drama, and the UT coaching search has been that and then some.

    You can hear Dorin Dickerson on 93.7 The Fan, where he serves as a part-time host.

  • Friday Blush Exotic Happy Hour Post For December 1st 12-01-2017

    The Pirates say they are all in when it comes to landing Shohei Ohtani. Good luck with that.

  • Blush Happy Hour for November 30th 11-30-2017

    The latest potential trade destination for Andrew McCutchen. That makes sense. Here\’s why.

  • RotoWire\’s Jeff Erickson joins Tim Benz with his weekly Fantasy Football podcast. 11-30-2017

    Fulfill your Fantasy at Blush! Rotowire\’s ( fantasy football expert Jeff Erickson looks at a Thursday night mismatch, the Bengals/Steelers potential fantasy standouts, and a misread about the Eli Manning benching.

  • Blush Happy Hour post for Wednesday November 29th 11-29-2017

    Purdue fans wore FBI shirts to a game against Louisville. Now some Louisville fans are acting like that\’s worse than what their school did in the first place.

  • Blush Happy Hour post for Tuesday 11/28 11-28-2017

    If an alleged Ian Cole trade happens, there are some questions that need to be answered between now and then.