• Pens Podcast 1-28-15 01-28-2015

    Ashley Chase of WJAC talks about the Marcel Goc-Max Lapierre trade, Kris Letang\’s 5-assist night and Patric Hornqvist\’s return to the lineup against Winnipeg.

  • NFL Draft Podcast 1-28-15 01-28-2015

    Josh Taylor talks to Steelers Depot\’s Alex Kozora about his favorite prospects in the NFL Draft and gives his prediction for the Steelers\’ no. 1 pick.

  • Josh Taylor Show 1-28-15 01-28-2015

    Ashley Chase talks about the Pitt-Penn State social media/recruiting battle, Alex Kozora of Steelers Depot looks at options for the Steelers in the NFL Draft, and a recap of West Virginia men\’s basketball win against Kansas State.

  • Rob Rossi 1-28-15 01-28-2015

    Media has ruined the Super Bowl, reaction to Pens trade, sports teams placating their fans.

  • Super Bowl 1-28-15 01-28-2015

    Tom Barton and Russell Baxter join Junker and Laird to talk about Patriots vs. Seahawks.

  • Junker and Laird 1-28-15 01-28-2015

    Reaction to the Pens and Pirates trades plus Jag Off of the Week Voting.

  • Pirates Podcast 1-28-15 01-28-2015

    Bucs Writer Travis Sawchik joins Junker and Laird to react to the Travis Snider trade.

  • Nittany Nation 1-28-15 01-28-2015

    Penn State Football Recruiting talk heading into Signing Day plus an interview with legendary PSU Volleyball Coach Russ Rose.

  • Wrestling Reality 1-27-15 01-27-2015

    WWE Network hits 1 Million subscribers, why wrestling fans were so wrong. Royal Rumble results and recap.

  • NFL Draft 1-27-15 01-27-2015

    Dan Shonka of Ourlads talks Steelers Draft, how guys looked at the Senior Bowl with Laird and Taylor.

  • Pens Podcast 1-27-15 01-27-2015

    Jesse Marshall of the Pens Blog joins Junker and Laird to preview the 2nd half of the season.

  • RMU Basketball 1-27-15 01-27-2015

    Head Coach Andy Toole joins us for his weekly check-in.

  • Junker and Laird 1-27-15 01-27-2015

    Pens and Pitt Hoops, the Patriots Press Conference, Pitt and PSU Recruiting and more.

  • Ike Taylor Show 1-27-15 01-27-2015

    Ike live from the Super Bowl. The Ike Taylor Show is brought to you by Dunkinâ?? Donuts, the Preferred Coffee of the Ike Taylor Show and also sponsored by White Deer Run, Cove Forge Treatment Centers.

  • Mark Kaboly Show 1-26-15 01-26-2015

    Interview with Steelers President Art Rooney II.

  • Baseball America 1-26-15 01-26-2015

    JJ Cooper of Baseball America joins us to talk Pirates drafts, top prospects, spring training and more.

  • Fedko Zone 1-26-15 01-26-2015

    Pirates, prospects, MLB stopping defensive shifts? thinks Deflate Gate is a non-issue. Pro Bowl ratings.

  • Jim Callis 1-26-16 01-26-2015

    Callis of MLB Net and Pipeline says Bucs will have 7 prospects on Top 100, most in MLB.

  • Rob Rossi 1-26-15 01-26-2015

    Rossi on Crosby and Ovechkin plus NFL messes up the Patriots scandal and MLB shifts.

  • Junker and Laird 1-26-15 01-26-2015

    Pitt loses to Louisville, All-Star Weekends for NFL and NHL, Patriots cheating stats.