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  • Blush65 Feat. Riley Steele 03-25-2017

    Josh sits down with Digital Playground Girl and this week\’s Blush VIP Riley Steele!

  • The Mike Wysocki Show 3-20-2017 03-22-2017

    On this episode Sally Wiggins WTAE Channel 4 anchor stops in to tell us about her new special on Opiod addiction and talks world travel. John Dick Winters shares how he started the Burning Bridges Comedy Festival. Our political correspondent Kyle Mazza reports live from the Trump rally in Kentucky. Plus Tim Tobias gives us his \’60 Second Movie Review\"

  • ROSSI – Episode 3 03-21-2017

    n \"ROSSI\" (3), our host welcomes political discussion with one of Pennsylvania\’s leading conservative voices: Melissa Hart.

  • Pondering Pittsburgh – Episode 3 03-21-2017

    Josh King basically gives up on life and has a nervous breakdown on Episode 3

  • Hockey Night TONIGHT – Episode 6 03-21-2017

    This week we talk about Murray and Fleury again, after the Penguins win against the Panthers on March 19. We also talk playoffs, league standings and of course, about Jagr. Joe Bartnick comes on the air to discuss his thoughts about Jagr and the league standings, and we top it all off with a Blockhouse Trivia hour with the Pride of Point Park, Tim Tobias.

  • #MicDrop with Mike Asti – Episode 7 03-21-2017

    The radio gold was at a premium on this edition of \"Mic Drop\" on the TribLIVE Radio airwaves. Mike Asti spoke to fellow Pittsburgher and current national media personality Joy Taylor. Joy serves as the host of Fox Sports 1\’s Undisputed.

    Joy explained what it meant to see her brother, former NFL defensive end Jason Taylor, be inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. She also gave insight on her career progression and advice to young journalists.

    Soak up the knowledge and asinine entertainment on TribLIVE Radio.

  • Blush65 Feat. Lacey Rain 03-17-2017

    Josh sits down with this week\’s Blush VIP Lacey Rain!

  • Pondering Pittsburgh – Episode 2 03-15-2017

    John Steigerwald joins Josh King on Episode #2 of Pondering Pittsburgh. Steigerwald revisits the Kordell Stewart era of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • Hockey Night TONIGHT – Episode 5 03-15-2017

    The Steiner Brothers are back this week to talk recent everything hockey! They are joined once again by #MicDrop host Mike Asti!

  • The Mike Wysocki Show 3-13-2017 03-14-2017

    On this episode we talk to the 3x Pittsburgh Comedian of the Year, Matt Light. Matt tells us about his national tour and plans to run for Mayor of Pittsburgh. Plus from the Pittsburgh Sporting News, Zac Weiss reviews the A10 college basketball tournament and previews the Pirates and the Masters. Plus Tim Tobias finds a movie that made him cry. Find out on Trib Live Radio.

  • Rossi – Episode 2 03-14-2017

    In ROSSI 2, our Rob Rossi invites ESPN Radio Pittsburgh’s Adam Crowley and TribLive Radio’s Mike Asti into a conversation about significant others, Pittsburgh’s fascination with celebrating holidays early, and real vs. fake when it comes to on-air personalities.

  • #MicDrop with Mike Asti – Episode 6 03-14-2017

    Mike Asti goes solo in the studio for this episode of \”Mic Drop\” on the TribLive Radio airwaves. Asti polishes off another edition of radio gold with two veterans of Pittsburgh media.

    Pittsburgh media Godfather and WPXI Sports Director Alby Oxenreiter, whose career began when Mike was born, discusses how he\’s been able to adjust to the changes in media over the last 30 years. Mike then goes from one former colleague to a current one when the Tribune-Review\’s Jerry DiPaola joins the show. What led to Pitt missing out on the madness of March? How much blame does Kevin Stallings deserve? What does the future hold for the program?

    \”Mic Drop\” conquers sports radio, one day, at a time….

  • Pondering Pittsburgh – Debut Episode 03-12-2017

    Being semi-retired at the age of 28 isn\’t all that and a bag of chips. Each week Josh King contemplates the meaning of life with Producer Tyler Vietmeier. Later on this first episode, King talks about smoking weed while managing a furniture store. He also talks sports with Upgruv\’s Rob Rossi.

  • Blush65 Feat. Jillian Janson 03-09-2017

    Josh sits down with this week\’s Blush VIP

  • Rossi – Episode 1 ( Part 2 ) 03-07-2017

    ( Part 2) For ROSSI: 1, upgruv sports editor Rob Rossi welcomes Penguins TV\’s Celina Pompeani to the TribLive Radio studio. They discuss her journey from hard news into hockey pop reporting, fashion choices and take the \" ROSSI Request Form,\" opens up a, uh, mess of stories.

  • Rossi – Episode 1 ( Part 1 ) 03-07-2017

    ( Part 1 )For ROSSI: 1, upgruv sports editor Rob Rossi welcomes Penguins TV\’s Celina Pompeani to the TribLive Radio studio. They discuss her journey from hard news into hockey pop reporting, fashion choices and take the \" ROSSI Request Form,\" opens up a, uh, mess of stories.

  • Hockey Night TONIGHT – Episode 4 03-07-2017

    Matt Steiner and Mark Steiner discuss Matt\’s article in Pens Initiative and the future of Kris Letang on the Penguins\’ power play once he returns from injury. They also welcome fellow TribLIVE Radio colleague, Puck Off podcast host, and comedian Joe Bartnick on for the fourth edition of “Hockey Night Tonight” on TribLIVE Radio.

    This trio discussed trade deadline deals including the addition of Mark Streit, the continued goaltending battle, and deadlines moves by the Capitals. Will Letang find himself the odd man out on the power play? Does Joe Bartnick think the Buffalo game sparked a new goaltender controversy? Find out on Hockey Night Tonight.

  • The Mike Wysocki Show 3-6-2017 03-07-2017

    On this episode Pittsburgh attorney Patrick Knightengale a Pgh NORML advocate talks cannabis reform. Veteran comic John Knight drops in and \"Trapper\" Tom Leturgey, pro wrestling ring announcer and historian tells us about his pro wrestling company in Lawrenceville. Plus our own Tim Tobias gives his \’60 Second Movie Review\’

  • #MicDrop with Mike Asti – Episode 5 03-07-2017

    Mike brings the madness to the TribLIVE Radio airwaves. Rich Donahue joins Mike as his co-host for this edition of \”Mic Drop\” to talk college basketball.

    Jon Antonik, the Director of Digital Media at West Virginia University, calls into the show and previews WVU in the Big 12 Tournament. What should be expected from the Mountaineers in the postseason after a roller coaster regular season? How has Bob Huggins impacted the program?

    Stepping away from West Virginia, which teams need to do well in their conference tournaments for better positioning in the NCAA Tournament? Which bubbles could be popped with poor conference tournament performances?

    Before closing another edition of radio gold, Mike and Rich briefly discuss Goldberg as the new WWE Universal Champion heading into WrestleMania 33.

  • #MicDrop with Mike Asti – Episode 4 02-28-2017

    On this edition of “Mic Drop” on the TribLIVE Radio airwaves, Mike Asti continues his brand of asinine radio gold. Asti opens the show with the lovely Beth Vietmeier. Beth talks about Ten Four Social and her work with Jerome Bettis. Most importantly, Mike gets to the bottom of the question on everyone’s mind, is she related to producer Tyler Vietmeier?

    After saying goodbye to Beth, Dan Kingerski of 93.7 The Fan joins Mike to discuss his new TV project and the recent Stadium Series game at Heinz Field. Dan breaks the news he’s heard about the future of the Pens and Flyers rivalry in outdoor games. He also tells Mike how he would handle the NHL trade deadline.

    From a social media entrepreneur to a fellow media personality, Mike Asti conquers sports radio, one day, at a time….