Mike Asti flips the script for the second edition of “Mic Drop” on TribLIVE Radio. Asti welcomes former TribLIVE host Josh Taylor back to the airwaves. Josh initially debuted Mike as a guest on his old show on TribLIVE a few years ago. Josh currently serves as an anchor and host with KDKA and 93.7 The Fan of CBS Pittsburgh.


This dynamic duo discussed Valentine’s Day, nicknames, and the beginning of a new baseball season. Do you care about the World Baseball Classic? How will Andrew McCutchen moving to right field impact the Pirates? What are the expectations for the 2017 season? Who will garner more asinine attention, McCutchen or Jung Ho Kang and his off the field drama?


Regardless of who is in what role, it’s always asinine and always gold quality when Mike Asti and Josh Taylor get together.


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