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  • Blush Happy Post for Wednesday September 20th 09-20-2017

    James Harrison playing less is one thing. Harrison sitting out entirely is quite another.

  • Blush Happy Hour post for Tuesday September 19th 09-19-2017

    The Steeler pre game ceremony honoring Dan Rooney on Sunday was even more special than it appeared. Here\'s why.

  • Blush Happy Hour Post for Monday September 18th 09-18-2017

    Pitt came up well short in two attempts at man I g a splash out of conference. So the Panthers better get the job done in ACC play.

  • Madden Monday for 9/18 09-18-2017

    Mark Madden of 105.9 the X joins me for our weekly Madden Monday conversation. We talk about the Steelers victory over the Vikings, Gerrit Cole\'s latest homer filled outing, Pitt\'s beatdown at home from Oklahoma State, and the potential Penguin acquisition of Riley Sheahan.

  • Blush Happy Hour Post for Friday 9/15 09-15-2017

    Indians win streak is getting plenty of attention nationally. But market to market outside of Cleveland, is it getting the buzz it deserves?

  • Happy Hour post for Wednesday 9/14 09-14-2017

    The Penguins are reportedly interested in acquiring Riley Sheahan. That may not look good on paper. But the Penguins have developed a knack for making guys like him fit in their system.

  • Our Weekly Fantasy Sports Chat with Jeff Erickson of RotoWire 09-14-2017

    Fulfill you fantasy at Blush! It\'s our weekly fantasy sports chat with Jeff Erickson of RotoWire(http://www.rotowire.com). We discuss the lack of offense in NFL last week. What developments were real and what are overreactions to week one? And opportunities in fantasy baseball as well.

  • Blush Happy Hour Post for Wed September 13th 09-13-2017

    James Franklin\'s dig at Pitt may have felt good to say. But it may end up being short sighted.

  • Tuesday Blush Happy Hour Post 09-12-2017

    In today\'s Blush Happy Hour post, we discuss the social media reaction to Beth Mowins and Sergio Dipp on Monday Night Football.

  • Monday Blush Happy Hour post 09-11-2017

    our Blush Happy Hour post today, Tim Benz looks at what went right and what went wrong in Cleveland as the Steelers opened their season with a 21-18 victory.

  • Madden Monday with Mark Madden of 105.9 the X 09-11-2017

    On this week\'s Madden Monday, Mark and Tim Benz discuss the Steelers season opening win over Cleveland, James Franklin\'s jab at Pitt, and the fallout from Juan Nicasio going to the Cardinals.

  • The Matt Light Show - Episode 6 06-30-2017

    Matt sits down legendary WWE superstar The Honky Tonk Man! Recorded Thursday June 29th, 2017

  • The Mike Wysocki Show 06-26-2017 06-29-2017

    Check out our reconfigured set as we welcome Mike Hitt of MCM studios. Mike talks music of every kind and what it\'s like inside a recording. One of the most fun interviews we have had. Friend of the show Sam Graeb of planetHEMP , a 20 year old entrepreneur, shows his latest shirts. Plus Tim Tobias gives his keen perspective on \'The Mummy\'.

  • #MicDrop with Mike Asti - Episode 17 06-28-2017

    Don\'t call it a comeback, they\'ve been doing radio GOLD for years. Mike Asti welcomes his former broadcast partner on the latest edition of \"Mic Drop\" on TribLIVE Radio. Matt Farago tells Mike about his recent tour as an announcer with the Harlem Globetrotters. Farago explains what it\'s like to be on a whirlwind tour with the world famous franchise, both on and off the court. Stay tuned until the end of the show for Matt\'s (on-air friendly) inside story on down time with team. Before closing this radio GOLD chapter, Mike and Matt discuss the impending drama of the trade deadline for the Pirates and if the standings should have any impact of the future of Andrew McCutchen and several other key players in Pittsburgh?

  • The Mike Wysocki Show 06-19-2017 06-20-2017

    The Mike Wysocki Show is LIVE at a special time this week for their 9 month anniversary! (Yea it\'s been a while). On this episode Mike and Tyler tell a story from their recent Lyft experience, spoiler alert this guy\'s life is worth than yours! Also we talk about the local story that made national headlines involving an alarm clark. Later in the show Tim gives his \"60 Second Movie Review\" this week on the movie Wonder Woman

  • Movie Madness with Tim Tobias - Episode 11 06-20-2017

    Tim talks about Venom tied in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Mark Wahlberg\'s Last Transformers movie and the Conjuring Universe. For the segment That Trailer, Tim talks about Daddy\'s Home 2 and for the DVD Review, Batman: The Killing Joke. Also the weekend box office results.

  • Blush65 Feat. Lexi Belle 06-19-2017

    Matt Light sits down with Blush\'s VIP for the week of June 12th Lexi Belle! *18+ RATING!!

  • The Mike Wysocki Show 06-12-2017 06-19-2017

    Our show has Andrew Gardner, founder and GM of the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds of the American Ultimate Disc League. Andrew explains his sport that is becoming wildly popular in the US and Canada. He gives insights into Ultimate Disc and reveals the Thunderbirds biggest rival. Also Sam Graeb (sp?) tells us about his online store, Planet Hemp, that sells hemp clothing. A young entrepreneur who is not even old enough to drink. Just like our own Tim Tobias who gives us the details of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

  • #MicDrop with Mike Asti - Episode 16 06-13-2017

    Lord Stanley\'s Cup meets radio GOLD on this episode of \"Mic Drop\" on TribLIVE Radio. WPXI\'s Aaron Martin joined host Mike Asti to talk about covering the crowd celebration in the city after the Penguins big win. Aaron tells Mike why the fans were actually calmer and more controlled than in past years. The guys also discuss if a third Stanley Cup and going back-to-back makes the Sidney Crosby era now the best era in Penguins history. Did the controversy over a \"no goal\" call against Nashville in game 6 taint an otherwise great Stanley Cup Final? How should Marc-Andre Fleury\'s time in Pittsburgh be perceived? Where does Crosby rank among the all-time greats? Take a sip of brandy because Lord Stanley is back in Pittsburgh!

  • The Matt Light Show - Episode 4 06-09-2017

    Matt sits down with Vine Legend and social media guru Rob Johnston this week, LIVE from the Pittsburgh Improv

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