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  • #MicDrop with Mike Asti - Episode 14 05-17-2017

    On this episode of Mic Drop on TribLIVE Radio, Mike Asti takes a break from his usual sports talk radio GOLD to promote a cause. Asti welcomes Tanner Reynolds on the show to discuss the Dropkick Drug Addiction professional wrestling event on May 19th. Reynolds will team with Nick \"Eugene\" Dinsmore to take on Beast Man and Stryder in the main event. Just as Mike was about to close the show, Ronnell \"Rev\" Hunt made a surprise appearance to preach to Tanner and explain how he will be involved in the PWX event.

  • Hockey Night TONIGHT - Episode 11 05-17-2017

    The Steiner brothers talk about the recent Capitals series and evaluate the state of the Penguins during this Eastern Conference Final Series

  • The Matt Light Show - Episode 2 05-17-2017

    This week on the Matt Light show Chris Jericho drops in and puts Matt on the list and Bobby Schubenski from Blackcraft whiskey is in house discussing his hometown roots and influence on whiskey

  • The Mike Wysocki Show 05-15-2017 05-17-2017

    Natalie Ahwesh and Ashley Rudder from Humane Action Pittsburgh, talk about winning the Volunteers of the Year award for their work helping to curb animal cruelty. Also their efforts to help at the city and state level. The world\'s only skydiving comedian, Brad Ryan drops in. Plus our first musical guest oddly enough named Mike Wysocki sings two original songs. As always Tim Tobias gives us his 60 Second Movie Review

  • Movie Madness with Tim Tobias - Episode 7 05-17-2017

    Tim talks about everything Hollywood for the week of May 15th, The Departed DVD Review and the weekend box office.

  • The Mike Wysocki Show 05-08-2017 05-10-2017

    Chat Conversation Start 10:22AM Show descriptions please! Mike Darieth Chislom, Emmy award winning anchor from Channel 11 joins us. We catch up with Darieth who speaks all over the country and has written a book. She also has a podcast and she tells us about her son who is a star on the Vanderbilt football team. Charlie Deitch, editor of the PghCityPaper describes his best moments in his 20+years of journalism. Tim Tobias gives us his 60 Second Movie Review.

  • #MicDrop with Mike Asti - Episode 13 05-10-2017

    Game 7 brings the most excitement sports has to offer and the Penguins and Capitals close another chapter in their rivalry with a game 7. Mike Asti dissects how we got to this point on the latest episode of \"Mic Drop\" on the TribLIVE Radio airwaves. Throughout his career, Mike has produced GOLD quality content with a wide variety of journalists and media personalities. Jesse Marshall of PensBlog was among the few not on that list until now. Marshall joined Mike to lend his insight to what went wrong for the Pens in game 6 and how the Caps were able to comeback. Can the Capitals finally conquer their demons and get past the Sidney Crosby and the Pens to advance to their first Eastern Conference Final during the Alexander Ovechkin era? Will the defending champion Penguins allow history to repeat itself and continue their quest to go back-to-back? Win or lose, it\'s important to have the proper perspective. Jesse closes this edition of radio GOLD with how fans should feel about the legacy of Marc-Andre Fleury.

  • Movie Madness with Tim Tobias - Episode 6 05-10-2017

    Tim talks about the renewal of 13 Reasons Why, Wonder Woman\'s movie runtime and The Dark Tower trailer then the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards hosted by Adam Devine.

  • HockeyNightTONIGHT- Episode 10 05-03-2017

    This week Mark and Matt discuss the status of the Penguins vs. Capitals series so far. Crosby is concussed, Sheary is concussed, Niskanen is a \"hockey player\" and Fleury saves the day. Will Malkin step it up? Tim says yes! Tune in this week for an update on where the Pens go from here.

  • The Matt Light Show 05-03-2017

    Debut of the Matt Light show- Matt and Dustin discuss the Best and Worst Wrestling theme songs, a short recap of the NFL Draft and what not to say on air.

  • #MicDrop with Mike Asti - Episode 12 05-03-2017

    When a playoff series gets asinine, there\'s no one better to discuss it than Mike Asti. \"Mic Drop\" is back with another edition of radio GOLD on TribLIVE Radio with polarizing takes on the drama between the Penguins and Capitals in game 3. Rob Rossi, who experienced a 24 hour frenzy for his comments at Caps head coach Barry Trotz, paid Mike a surprise visit to further hammer home his points on who is to blame and what the proper punishment should be. Rossi holds no punches towards Matt Niskanen and Alexander Ovechkin for injuring Sidney Crosby. To get both sides, Mike welcomes Courtney Laughlin of CSN Mid-Atlantic. After Mike offers a chance to move their bet from last year to double or nothing, Courtney argues Niskanen was simply acting in a natural reaction and no further punishment is necessary. The takes could not possibly be more opposite on this episode of \"Mic Drop\" brought to you by Frank Walker Law.

  • TribLIVE Radio Interview #1 05-03-2017

    Our Rob Rossi sits down with Pittsburgh radio legend Mark Madden!

  • The Mike Wysocki Show 05-01-2017 05-03-2017

    Civil Rights attorney Todd Hollis calls in with the latest on the Woodland Hills controversies. The twenty year veteran lawyer is representing the victims in these cases. Stand-up comedian and proprietor of Slapsticks Productions, tells us about the World Series of Comedy held at Crowne Plaza in South Hills. Plus Tim Tobias reviews Tom Hanks\' latest film.

  • Movie Madness with Tim Tobias - Episode 5 05-03-2017

    Tim talks about Rowan Atkinson\'s possible return to Mr. Bean, \"La La Land\" diretor, Damien Chazelle, taking his skills television, Hugh Jackson\'s \"Logan\" getting a black and white theatrical release and the new \"Kingsman: The Golden Circle\" trailer. Plus the weekend\'s box office results.

  • Todd Hollis Press Conference 05-02-2017 05-03-2017

    Entire press conference from attorney Todd Hollis speaking on the new developments in the Woodland Hills School District cases.

  • Movie Madness with Tim Tobias - Episode 4 04-25-2017

    Tim tells you everything you need to know about Hollywood for the week of 4/24/2017!

  • HockeyNightTONIGHT- Episode 9 04-25-2017

    Matt Steiner is joined by other TribLIVE host\'s Mike Asti and Mike Wysocki!

  • The Mike Wysocki Show 4-24-2017 04-25-2017

    On this episode we talk with Paige Strasbaugh of the Fred Rogers Company. She has taught kids in Mississippi and Micronesia and she shares those experiences. She\'s also running for Woodland Hills School Board, she delves into the controversy surrounding the head football coach. Kait Schoeb, a tremendously talented up and coming local artist discusses her painting at the Roberto Clemente Museum. Plus our own Tim Tobias gives his 60 Second Movie Review.

  • #MicDrop with Mike Asti - Episode 11 04-25-2017

    Even in the midst of the beginning of the MLB season and both the NBA and the NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs, the NFL always makes its presence felt. Mike Asti takes a break from the Pirates drama and Penguins playoff run to discuss a football holiday, the NFL Draft. Neal Coolong of USA Today\'s Steelers Wire and Draft Wire makes his TribLIVE Radio return to join Mike for another gold quality edition of Mic Drop. Has moving the draft into late April been a positive for the NFL or burned out some previously obsessed fans? Is this the weakest draft in years? Will any quarterback prospect have success in the NFL? What will be the story of the draft? All these questions and the usual asinine banter are guaranteed on this piece of radio GOLD.

  • ROSSI - Episode 7 04-25-2017

    Our Rob Rossi welcomes comedian/actress Gab Bonesso, and they riff on his \"look\" before ripping into the topic of bullying.

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